Located along the historic Route 66 Highway, just east of Albuquerque, the Moriarty-Edgewood School District primarily consists of the two municipalities of Moriarty and Edgewood, but it stretches east, west, north, and south to serve New Mexico's East Mountain region and the Estancia Valley.  Our community is a diverse mix of deeply-rooted families who have been in the area since the homesteading days of early 1900's as well as newcomers seeking solace in the relaxed and rural lifestyle.  Our close-knit community is truly the lifeblood of our schools.  Great schools are fostered by the support of great communities, and we truly believe that it is the fantastic support of our extraordinary community that makes MESD schools so special.  Research has proven that schools that have the support of their community thrive as compared to those who don't.  Our schools are a testament to this kind of support! 

Our community is special, and it surely is at the heart of MESD!

Whether you are a local community member looking to connect with our schools or a new face looking to relocate and connect to our our community as a whole, we hope that you will find the information you seek here.