MESD Staff Spotlight

Elizabeth Schools

Ms. Schools, an ELL teacher at MES, is originally from Ohio, but moved to New Mexico when she was 16. She loves photography!

-Elizabeth Schools

Teresa Salazar

Superintendent Salazar has worked for MESD for 13 years. She loves to read, travel, and hang out with her grandchildren.

-Teresa K. Salazar

Justin McMurdo

Mr. McMurdo, in his 8th year with the district, has been teaching guitar since he was 18. He has five kids and a puppy!

-Justin McMurdo

JoMarie Lubarsky

Ms. Lubarsky is new to our district and works as an Inclusion Resource teacher at MMS. She was an opera singer who was even featured in a major production once upon a time!

-JoMarie Lubarsky

Laurel Vogue Martinez

Ms. Vogue Martinez splits her time between Route 66 and South Mountain Elementary Schools where she works as a Speech & Language Pathologist. She has 3 horses and loves hiking and kayaking!

-Laurel Vogue Martinez

Robin Brown

Ms. Brown has worked as the district's Transportation Dispatcher for the last 3 and a half years. She is a graduate of Sandia Mountain Survival School and is a knife sharpener on the side.

-Robin Brown

Kelly  De  Lora

MHS English teacher, Ms. De Lora, comes from a family of educators. She loves to garden and spend time outdoors.

-Kelly De Lora

Olga Garibay

Ms. Garibay worked in the cafeteria and as an educational assistant before becoming a Bilingual Teacher at MES. She loves her community and spending time with family.

-Olga Garibay

Cara Ward

Ms. Ward is the PE Educational Assistant at SME. She is imaginative and creative. She also loves kids!

-Cara Ward

Stephanie Chavez

Ms. Chavez attended Route 66 Elementary as a student, and now she teaches kindergarten there. Her first kindergarten students are now seniors!

-Stephanie Chavez

Sirena Satterfield

Ms. Satterfield is an ELA teacher at MMS who loves learning, loves her job, and is a free spirit!

-Sirena Satterfield

Katy Lundy

Ms. Lundy has been with MESD for more than 22 years! When she's not keeping things running smoothly in the Transportation Department, she and her husband enjoy pack burro racing with their donkeys!

-Katy Lundy

Kim Rubidoux

Ms. Rubidoux is in her second year as a Math Teacher at EES. She plays guitar and enjoys watching movies and spending time with her family!

-Kim Rubidoux

Jordan Allcorn

Mr. Allcorn has been teaching social studies and coaching sports at MHS for eleven years. He is also a James Madison Fellow.

-Jordan Allcorn

Cherie Martinez

Ms. Martinez is an educational assistant at MES who also owns her own business. She loves to hunt and fish and is the mom of two boys.

-Cherie Martinez